Workshop for the start of the “ZAR”


From 14 to 16 September 2015, the Lubumbashi ARRUPE Center for Research and Training (CARF), the launching workshop for the Learning and Research Health Zones (ZAR) Of RIPSEC.

The main objective of this workshop was to ensure a harmonized approach to the implementation of the third RIPSEC package of activities: strengthening the training capacity of public health schools through the creation of the Learning and Research Zones (ZAR) In the area of ​​universal coverage.

The specific objectives were:

– Develop a common vision and objectives for the development of RZs;

– Validate the selection process for the 4 future ZAR pre-selected;

– Share and discuss the initial results of the analysis of the initial situation of the ZARs;

– Have the first work plan for the development of the RZs developed by the team of each RIPSEC antenna

– Organize a field visit in the Kisanga ZAR.

Out of the four pre-selected ZARs, only three were selected, namely health zones from Kisanga to Lubumbashi, Gombe Matadi in Kinshasa and Walungu in Bukavu.

This workshop allowed us to begin to build a harmonized vision on the development of ZARs. And thus guide the work still to be finalized to identify the priorities for action for each of the 3 ZARs. Thus, each team was able to project more concretely the results to be achieved as well as the activities to be carried out in the zone of health with which it collaborates to apprehend the transformation of this zone of health in zone of learning and research taking into account Their specificities.


ZAR launch workshop, field visit to the Kisanga Health Zone
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