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The CCC is part of the Health Technology Assessment Agencies (ETS). These agencies are becoming increasingly established around the world and their main purpose is to strengthen health policies through scientific evidence.

The interest of these ETS Agencies is that they allow an independent analysis, without interference of commercial, corporatist or other interest groups, of priority issues related to the improvement of the health status of populations.


In the DRC, research on health systems, which is essential for policy adaptation, is less developed than conventional research. The lack of regulation has led to rapid growth in the number of universities, leading to a decline in the relevance and quality of the health human resources produced. Finally, there is no functional consultation framework between the MOH and academic health institutions, while research questions and the production of human resources should meet the needs of the health sector.

It is to answer this problem that the School of Public Health of Lubumbashi (ESP UNILU) has developed, in collaboration with other national and international academic institutions, the program of Institutional Strengthening for Health Policies based on Evidences. in the Democratic Republic of Congo (RIPSEC), which is funded by the European Union. This program aims to strengthen the capacity of academic institutions in their three main missions, research, teaching and scientific guidance, and especially their ability to create the optimal interface with decision makers and stakeholders of the sector, in order to have maximum impact on national health policies. In order for the development of the three poles of excellence to produce this effect, academic institutions must create collaborative channels to play their role in the debate on health issues in the DRC. . Three activities have been planned for this purpose, the creation of a health knowledge center, the strengthening of scientific skills of Congolese institutions involved in research and teaching on health systems, and the development of learning health zones. and research.

The Center of Knowledge Health in DRC (CCC) has been created since 2016 and the process of implementation has been realized. Informal and formal meetings have been initiated to explain the rationale for this structure by the RIPSEC authorities.

For its visibility and its effectiveness at the political, strategic and operational levels, the CCC must be presented to stakeholders and consumers of its scientific and operational production. It is in this context that the official launch took place on February 08, 2017.

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