Capacity building of the Administrative Staff

In accordance with its 2019 Operational Action Plan, two members of the administrative staff of the CCSC-asbl (the Administrative and Financial Secretary “SAF”, Mr Gabriel Mutondo Nyembo and the Executive Secretary “SD”, Ms Pamela Sumaili Mali) have benefited from capacity building, each in the areas falling within its function. This capacity building was carried out by/at the KAIROS Training Centre in Kinshasa.

For 12 days, from April 15 to 30, 2019, the FAS followed a training as part of its capacity building in accounting according to the OHADA Accounting System. At the end of this training, the FAS learned the framework of the OHADA accounting system subdivided into balance sheet accounts and management accounts; the structure of the chart of accounts; the classification and coding of accounts; the organization of the entity’s chart of accounts and finally the operation of all accounts. This training has enabled the FAS to be updated and to have additional tools at its disposal necessary to organize and maintain reliable accounting at the CCC-asbl.

As for the SD, its training lasted 15 days, from April 26 to June 13, 2019, in a discontinuous manner. Capacity building has focused on (i) efficient mail filing strategies that allow important information to be stored and easily retrieved when needed, (ii) telephone call management to optimize reception in order to enhance the company’s image with consumers and to adopt an open attitude based on listening and empathy in handling complaints. Some accounting notions, particularly related to the management of the caisse, closed his training.

personnel administratif
The Administrative Secretary and the Executive Secretary of the CCSC-asbl

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