Scientific production (publication) charter of the RIPSEC programme

Scientific publications contribute to the influence of research produced within universities.

For optimal visibility of RIPSEC partner institutions, it is essential that the signature of publications is built according to defined rules. There is currently a heterogeneity in the construction of the signature of publications. The quality of the signature is recommended by the scientific evaluation agencies.

The involvement of publications in the evaluation and promotion of researchers can generate conflicts and hinder the functioning of a research project. It is therefore necessary to develop and adopt standards applicable to all researchers in advance.

These standards are all the more essential as scientific production depends on them. This is an essential guarantee of preventing possible conflicts.

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Scientific co-production in health sciences

Scientific co-production is relevant because:

  1. Health system and policy research requires a multidisciplinary approach
  2. Existence of implications and interactions between several actors
  3. Knowledge generation and knowledge translation are bidirectional
  4. Learning is mutual
  5. It is necessary for the actors of the health system.

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