Introduction: ERSP UCB

Faculty of Medicine

The Regional School of Public Health of Bukavu was created in 2009 and operates within the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Bukavu. It is the third School of Public Health of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
1. Mission of the ERSP

The mission of the ERSP is to contribute effectively to the development of the DRC and the entire Great Lakes Region through the implementation of a favorable environment for health in multidisciplinary public health programs directed towards both effective management and prevention of health problems at the individual, community and regional levels. The ERSP aims to become a center of excellence and critical reflection in teaching, research and knowledge development in all areas of public health in the DRC and in the Great Lakes Region.
2. Teaching

It organizes a public health DES with two options (Community Health and Health Economics) for 18 months. She is currently in her sixth class. More than half of its former students are operational in the health system of the eastern provinces of the DRC (integrated health system, local and international partners). To date, the ERSP has trained 149 candidates, including 13.5% of women.
3. A Partnership for Training and Research for Development

ERSP is involved in research and development in collaboration with its partners. It currently has 7 PhD candidates in training courses at various universities (ESP-UCL, ULB-ESP, SPH-Makerere University, SPH-Basel University and ESP-UNILU).

1. The INTRA-ACP MOBILITY project entitled Partnering for Health Professionals (P4HPT) funded by the European Union under the lead of the School of Public Health of the University of Ghana (2014-2019)

2. The RIPSEC Project (2014-2019, European Union Funding).
The Institutional Strengthening Program for Health Policies based on Evidence in the Democratic Republic of Congo under the lead of the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium (IMT-Antwerp).

3. The Development Research Project (PRD) entitled: Study of Implementation of a Psycho-Medicosocial Management Model at the Health Center Level: Case of People with Chronic Diseases of the Mother-Child Malnourished Couple, at South Kivu (2017-2022, ARES financing, Belgian Government).

4. The Swiss Institute of Tropical Medicine (SuissTPH) and the University of Basel:
ERSP collaborates with the Swiss Institute of Tropical Medicine in a research program on Reproductive Health and Youth Health in Conflict Zones (Great Lakes Region).

5. RRMP Project (Rapid Response to Population Movements):
ERSP has a partnership with the University of Wageningen (The Netherlands), the New York University of Abu Dhabi and the 3i agency for the implementation of a study on the evaluation of humani- East of the DRC.

6. Other partners: UNICEF, Food for Hungry (FH),

Staff and academics of the ERSP

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