First meeting of the strategic committee

Summary of the first meeting of the Strategic Committee

On October 17, 2015, the first meeting of the strategic committee of the RIPSEC program was held in Lubumbashi, at the CARF center. The Presidency is chaired by the Director of the ESP / UNILU and the Secretariat by the National Secretary of the RIPSEC Program.

It is composed of 6 promoters of the program at the level of each partner institution, the Directors of Studies and Planning of the MSP, Higher Education and University and the Scientific Research and a representative of the Bureaux of the European Union And WHO in the DRC. The latter two have an observer role.

This committee meets once a year and plays a strategic role:

– To assess the progress of the project and the achievement of its objectives;

– Define the orientations and support the project work plans;

– Provide guidance for the problems of human, financial and material resources management;

– Evaluate the mid-term and final evaluations and assess their contribution to the overall objective of the program;

– Evaluate and evaluate the annual financial audits of the program.

It is composed to assess the progress of the project and the achievement of its objectives.

The main point of this first meeting was the implementation of the RIPSEC program. This was presented in three points:

1. The RIPSEC launching workshop held in Kinshasa;

2. Establishment of coordination and management mechanism;

3. The three strategic axes (Packages of activities).

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