Action-research for the health zone of Kisanga

The RIPSEC program organized a workshop on action research to develop health centers in the Kisanga ZAR.
The specific objective of this workshop was to develop simplified health center protocols that will provide the gateway for the transformation of health centers based on the relevant problems identified by the health center teams.
Participants consisted of providers of the following health facilities: Mama wa huruma, St. Bernadette, CS Tshamilemba, HGR Kisanga, HGR Katuba; Members of the management teams of the Kisanga, Katuba and Tshiamilemba Health Zones; The Upper Katanga Provincial Health Division; The ESP UNILU, the ESP UNIKIN and the ERSP UCB. A total of 29 participants were registered.

Facilitator Valeria Campos da Silveira, supported by four co-facilitators, including an expert from Belgian Technical Cooperation, led the workshop for 8 days to strengthen the capacity of providers in problem identification, protocol development and Of an operational action plan.
This was done through theoretical presentations, exchanges, group work, and plenary presentations. A descent into the 3 health centers was made to involve all the providers of the health center in the debate. The multipolar framework served as a framework for analysis.

At the end of the work, three drafts of the protocols were drawn up for the priority problems selected:
 At the Tshamilemba health center, the reception of non-optimal patients was retained.
 At the Mama wa huruma health center, blood transfusion and home visits by providers were retained.
 For the Saint Bernadette Health Center: the poor organization of services more specifically the long queue of patients to the curative consultation and the non-versatility of the nurses of the St. Bernadette CS have identified as priority problems.
And a timeline for implementing transformative activities in relation to identified problems has been established.

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