Thesis defence Dr. Samuel Rashidi

Theme 3: Analysis of the quality of care offered to the mother and newborn couple in the Gombe Matadi health zone, by Dr Samuel RASHIDI


Maternal mortality remains a public health problem in low-income countries in general and the DRC in particular. In Gombe Matadi, the problem is of the same magnitude as the antenna supports this work, the objective of which was to evaluate the quality of care offered to the mother and newborn babies in maternity wards in the GOMBE Health Zone MATADI.

Thus, the assessment of the level of knowledge, attitudes and practices of providers was carried out among 43 providers involved in maternity activities and 120 women who had been recruited in 8 health centers offering the maternity service. The evaluation included maternity review, condition of premises, care equipment, MEG availability and waste management.

This work revealed that the quality of care is low in the maternity majority of the GOMBE MATADI ZS except for the HGR. Inadequate infrastructure, inadequate management of biomedical waste in maternity wards, and poor capacity building of MNCH providers affect quality of care for the mother and newborn in the ZAR Gombe Matadi. And these are all ways to improve the quality of maternity care.

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