Cartography with Quantum-GIS software

Training on mapping with Quantum-Gis software

According to the activities listed in its second axis of intervention, the practical training in mapping initiation with the Quantum-Gis software was organized in two sessions: from 13 to 14 and from 16 to 17 September 2016.
What is cartography for? And why Q-Gis software?

The need has been expressed by some academic and scientific bodies, but also because of the shortcomings noted in the analysis, presentation and publication of routine data and research.
It should be noted that interpretation and understanding of health information is easy when localized.

For this reason, we have found it interesting and timely to increase the critical mass of frameworks that can use mapping for the spatial representation of their data.
We preferred the Q-Gis because of the simplicity for the use and especially by what it is of free access.

This training was organized for scientific and academic staff as well as for finalist master’s students in Public Health. A total of 67 participants (including 61 learners and 6 members of ESP Kinshasa’s scientific staff) were introduced to the production of thematic maps with Q-gis software.

In two days of hands-on training, participants downloaded and installed the Q-GIS Software on their laptops. Each button on the Q-gis interface has been explained with a demo from the menu bar to the toolbar.
They learned how to digitize vectors on the bottom of rasters to produce non-geo-referenced Shape files that can be used to build thematic maps where shapes are not available. In fact it was “learn by doing”

The facilitator led each of the participants to map construction and data join for graphical representation, and power point or Pdf export.
To the great satisfaction of the organizers, the participants all appreciated this learning. The results are translated through the comparison of pre- and post-training self-evaluations.

Participants are able to develop the cards according to their need and taste. They will produce the first cards in their works of memory.

Justus Nsio Mbeta
Chief of Antenna

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